Automated Processes & Notifications

When it comes to CROOW, you’re either the one who creates the automation or you’re the one getting automated.


      Maximize efficiency through project automation

      Project templates and requests are powerful tools to automate the intake of work and setup of projects. Requests help automate common “asks” and project templates help automate repeated workflows.


      Create Custom Forms to Gather the Information You Need

      Request forms are easy to customize with a variety of field types. These request forms can be used for anything from briefing to help desk to client onboarding to tech requests.


      Update Statuses to Keep the Team in the Know

      CROOW has standardized the most common statuses across To-Do’s, Approvals, Requests, and Projects. These easily updated statuses keep the team on the same page and enable smart reporting and notifications.


      Stay Updated Without Constant Email Back-and-Forth

      Automated notifications keep you current on work as it is being completed, reducing the need for endless emails. CROOW notifications are comprehensive with options for the user to increase or decrease the frequency of notifications based on their preference.

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