10 Best Asana Alternatives for Project Management

Asana is one of the biggest names in project management software — but they're not the only player in the game. If Asana is too costly or lacking features you need for your business, check out these ten alternatives to see if there's a better fit for you!
best asana alternatives
By CROOW Staff Nov 20, 2020

If you haven’t noticed, remote working and virtual collaboration don’t seem to be going anywhere. Global teams scattered around the world are the new normal, which has created opportunity — and new challenges. Professional teams are now trying to find ways that their employees can effectively collaborate and track projects in a virtual setting.

Asana is one of the most recognizable project management softwares, designed to make remote collaboration easier. With both desktop and mobile versions, users can collaborate from wherever they are located. Asana works to make the organization of work and projects easier to manage. Teams are able to upload projects, assign work to others on their team, set deadlines for tasks, and communicate with team members. 

However, Asana may be too costly or inefficient for your team, or missing features and integrations essential to your workflow. So what are your options? Let’s outline the features of the ten best Asana alternatives for project management. 


CROOW is an integrative project management software that not only helps keep marketing teams on task with client work, but focuses on improving digital creative collaboration. CROOW is made for creative agencies and remote teams, and helps to better organize workflow. With features like asset management, client requests, task assignments, time tracking and wireframing all in one tool, ready to adapt to your workflow. 

CROOW is a free Asana alternative — you can sign up without providing any payment information. Because CROOW was made by creatives, for creatives, it goes above and beyond a normal project management application. The goal is to reduce or eliminate the need for you and your team to work in multiple apps at once. Instead, you can keep track of your tasks, share assets, provide feedback and approvals, and even search for and obtain stock images all within the application. If your team is tired of navigating multiple email chains, Google drives, and a PM tool, CROOW can cut down on all of that and cure your headache, leaving you time to be creative with your team.

croow project management dashboardcroow project collaboration interface croow creating new request


Trello is a productivity platform that allows team members to stay organized with their tasks. With a clean and simple user interface, Trello’s biggest advantage is fast and easy onboarding. You can assign and receive tasks via boards, lists, and cards, which provides flexibility as you’re organizing and prioritizing. This program is best for keeping track of project tasks in a central location. Trello is also free, which makes it super accessible.

trello project management dashboard


Airtable is project management software that incorporates familiar spreadsheet templates that are highly customizable, making the different use cases vast. Team members can work simultaneously in the program, which cuts down on work delays while you’re completing tasks. Airtable is free to use, with additional paid options. 

airtable project management dashboard


Scoro is an Asana alternative that combines elements of sales, team collaboration, and professional management in one place. One of Scoro’s standout features is the ability to create dynamic dashboards that help you keep track of project metrics. Scoro strives to be an all-in-one business management software, focusing mostly on professional management. 

scoro project management dashboard


ProjectManager.com is an online dashboard where teams can keep track of their project tasks. Users can customize their own project views, organize their tasks, and manage their interactive dashboard. One large disadvantage is the lack of customization in this software. Unlike other software programs, ProjectManager.com lacks the ability to customize your dashboard. This software focuses on task management, while housing some great project management tools.

projectmanager dashboard


Wrike is an application made for remote teams to easily collaborate virtually. Through Wrike, teams can manage projects, create tasks, track deadlines, and improve their workflow process. It’s customizable to each user so they can create a workspace that caters to them, and the pricing is also adjustable based on your team’s needs. The downside to Wrike is that it’s so customizable, it can be difficult to instruct new users through onboarding. If you’re willing to put in the effort for a heavier ramp-up lift, Wrike’s integrations with Salesforce, Tableau, Adobe Creative, and more can make it a great option if your business is already well-established in these other applications.

wrike project management dashboard


Workzone combines project management and document sharing to simplify workflows for teams looking for less complicated, more streamlined solutions. Through Workzone, users can share and work on files simultaneously online. Along with multiple dashboard features, Workzone integrates popular outside applications like Dropbox, Tableau, Box, Google, Slack, and Salesforce. Because Workzone was built with a narrow focus, onboarding is easier, making it a great Asana alternative if your team needs less functionality. 

workzone file management interface


Slack is an application focused on communication that allows users to chat and collaborate virtually. Through Slack, users are able to create group and private chats, connect to Google for file sharing, and reduce emails where appropriate. Along with the integration of Google, Slack also has the ability to integrate with Trello, Dropbox, Zendesk, and more. Slack is great for chatting with your employees quickly, but it can’t replace project management software on its own. 

slack team chat


LiquidPlanner is an innovative Asana alternative that automates scheduling and forecasting, helping you to better set and meet deadlines. The software tracks your work ethic and begins to predict how long certain projects will take you. The program uses specialized technology, so it will be beneficial to have a proficient team member to help navigate the software. LiquidPlanner is adapting the basic project management software model to make time management a much more accurate and efficient process. 

liquid planner workload planner


Quip is a project management application aimed at professional business collaboration. Through Quip, teams can remotely create and edit documents and spreadsheets. As a web and mobile application, Quip allows users to collaborate from wherever they are. It’s beneficial for smaller teams, or small projects that can be done quickly, but it lacks the creative collaboration some of the other tools offer.