The Digital Dilemma: Managing Workflows, Websites, And Marketing Campaigns Online

For today's guest blog, shares how to use project management to increase your efficiency.
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By Apr 5, 2021

For many professionals, juggling a handful of portfolios is expected. Most workplaces are short-staffed, and they rely on individuals to perform more than one job. As a result, employees need to manage their workflows, deal with website production and updating, and create and sustain marketing campaigns online. Immediately, it becomes apparent that this is a lot of work for just one person. The most obvious answer is to delegate tasks to those who are best suited to do them and develop a plan for time management that makes it easier to accomplish tasks. How can you accomplish this? The simplest solution is to delve into project management.

Why Project Management Is Sustainable for Solving the Digital Dilemma

Continuing Professional Development reports that project management offers significant advantages to businesses that successfully implement it. At its heart, project management can increase a business’ efficiency and make it more competitive. However, it takes some effort to get to this level. At the start, project management is not likely to have an immediate impact on processes, but it builds upon the information it collects with time. It’s an iterative improvement process that makes for a more effective workplace.

Most project management approaches focus on an overall company and neglect to mention how these practices can be useful for individuals, as well. Professionals stand to gain a lot from project management, primarily in four major areas:

  • Efficient Use of Resources: Time is limited. Good project management means that the individual can dedicate time to each task and complete it at a high level of satisfaction.
  • Better Scheduling and Execution: If each task is assigned a position in the queue and the professional executes them in order, there’s no overlap, making for a more efficient process execution.
  • Much More Effective Deadline Management: Hitting deadlines can be a challenge for professionals, especially in a workplace that’s packed with several responsibilities that need to be dealt with in conjunction. Project management develops organized timelines that allow for the professional to meet deadlines effortlessly.
  • Process Improvement: Project management is an iterative process and one that the individual can learn from. When you first encounter a task and aren’t sure the amount of time to dedicate to it, it’s difficult to add it to a queue. However, with the completion of each one of those tasks, time allotments become more apparent, making the employee more effective and efficient in completing work.

Applying the Benefits to Tasks

When it comes to managing individual tasks, how does project management tie in? As a professional dealing with websites, workflows, and marketing campaigns, how does project management apply?

Workflow Management

Project management offers a unique method of dealing with workflows. In project management, workflows can be broken down into steps and each step assigned a time frame. Each of the sub-steps may require materials that can be budgeted, ensuring that the process doesn’t need to pause for lack of input. Finally, with each completed task, the workflow becomes more comfortable for the individual to manage. Project management can help develop streamlined workflow management that speeds up the time it takes to get from raw material to product.


Website management can also bring massive benefits to a professional using it. There are several project management methodologies that an individual can use for websites, but the one that stands out as most popular is agile project management. Agile project management isn’t a strictly defined term. Instead, it incorporates continuous testing and feedback to respond to changes both inside and outside the system. For an individual, agile project management allows them to deal with visitors’ needs based on feedback they get from KPIs.

Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing is one of the newest frontiers of the industry. Digital campaigns are different from traditional ones in several regards, most notably the ability to edit them on the fly based on user feedback. Project management allows professionals to do market research beforehand and figure out what works and what doesn’t. Using this information, the marketing executive can craft their campaign along with one or more themes that would appeal to the public. In the initial rollout, the feedback they garner could streamline the campaign before a more widespread release. Project management helps outline the timelines for these periods (initial and broader release) and build on the feedback iteratively until the professional is satisfied with its performance.

A Guide, But Not a Panacea

Project management is flexible enough to be used in several different industries and disciplines with noticeable effect. However, it’s important to remember that project management isn’t a cure-all. It’s a tool and can only offer a solution based on how much time and resources the user puts into it. It’s brilliant for planning and can lead to better management of resources, but it’s a struggle to avoid micro-managing and predicting resource flow. With a little training and practical application, professionals will begin to realize what works and what doesn’t when it comes to project management.

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