Forecasting & Reporting

Quit relying on crystal balls and treasure maps. Leverage CROOW’s ability to predict the future with advanced performance and financial dashboards.

    • Team Dashboard & KPIs

      See Team Health in One Comprehensive Dashboard

      The team health scorecard has comprehensive data on revenue, utilization, velocity, and sales pipeline. We’ve automated the full team analytics so you can quickly spot trends and ensure your team is heading in the right direction.

    • Workload Reporting

      Access historical, current and future workloads across your team

      The workload report provides detailed week-by-week data on your team’s actual and estimated time. You can quickly identify hot spots and available time so that you can balance your team’s workload.

    • Client Tracker

      See an enterprise view of your complete project portfolio

      View and manage your full set of client initiatives with the ability to see client work at-a-glance or deep dive into specific projects. The client dashboard enables visibility into project progress and financial status.

    • Role & Department Reporting

      Dive Deeper Into the Data for Roles, Teams, and Departments

      View utilization and team performance at a more micro level through role, team and department reporting. You can set utilization goals by role and even specific team member to get more useful and actionable data.

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