Kanban & Gantt Views

Take command of your ship...and tasks, by measuring the progress of your projects and teams with Kanban and Gantt views.


      Run Agile Teams Through Kanban Boards

      Kanban boards are a great way to manage through status, tracking the flow of work from backlog to in progress to complete. Kanban boards provide a visual look into the flow of work, with helpful callouts for To-Do’s that are blocked or need attention.


      Lead Multi-Phased Projects with Gantt

      Plan & drive project progress with Gantt charts that display To-Do’s and assignments mapped across phases and timelines. Gantt charts are flexible with contingencies and ability to move individual or groups of To-Do’s as timelines evolve.


      Plan Your Week through Calendar View

      Use calendar view for a quick glance into the assignments of you and your team. Easily view short-term workload and make adjustments in priority, assignment, and timing directly from calendar view.


      Get a Comprehensive Look at Projects and Workload

      For those who love excel, list view displays all of your assignments in a detailed table. Sort, filter, and add to the list so you can keep projects up-to-date and on track.

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