Project planning & Management

All project management software is the same…until it isn’t. Go beyond the standard and see how CROOW can power your business.


      Manage To-Do's, Timelines and Deliverables in One Collaborative Workspace

      Our workspaces enable a simple and flexible structure for project collaboration. Projects are easy to start, organize and manage. CROOW supports waterfall and agile, offers multiple views such as Gantt and Kanban, and automates workflow through customizable templates.


      Create Tasks, Assign Due Dates, and Manage Deliverables

      To-Do’s come with robust set of functionality from time tracking to status and priority tagging to contingencies and even recurring To-Do’s. To-Do’s are easily tracked across multiple views throughout the app.


      Communicate in Real-Time Through Comments & Message Boards

      Commenting enables targeted communications by existing within app features including in To-Do’s, Approvals, and Requests. Feedback and briefing are prominently included throughout CROOW.


      Customize Your Project Plan with Ease

      Projects are flexible to fit within your company’s workflows from agile to waterfall. Whether a multi-phase initiative or a running list of priorities, it’s easy to sequence your workflow and team assignments within CROOW.

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